Digital Indoor

CDT’s indoor digital signage advertising networks are located in large public venues across Ontario. Locations have been strategically selected based on traffic numbers, traffic patterns and dwell times to ensure maximum exposure and viewer engagement. Site partners, advertisers and end-users have the unique ability to reach their targeted audience in a personal and engaging way unlike any other communication medium. Content, display orientation and configurations are customized to a site’s unique environment to deliver entertainment, advertising, news, wayfinding, site specific information and even menu items. CDT’s advertising network locations include Hospitals, sports and recreational facilities, entertainment venues, transportation hubs, universities and colleges, and other high traffic areas where large groups of people spend significant time.

Digital Billboard

CDT’s outdoor digital adverting network utilizes numerous cutting edge technologies making it a visually stunning and impactful advertising solution. These billboards are located in areas that have excellent visibility and high traffic, which ensures clients that their advertising campaign will have maximum impact.

Traditional Billboard

Static billboards have been strategically placed in locations that deliver maximum visibility and impact for advertisers. These billboards are located in areas that have excellent visibility and high traffic, which ensures clients that their advertising campaign will have maximum impact.  



Hand Sanitizer Station

Stations are strategically placed in high traffic locations to encourage regular hand sanitization which then ensures maximum exposure for the client’s campaign. Locations include entrances and exits, emergency areas, cafeterias and waiting rooms. Posters are printed on high quality vinyl and measure 22″ x 28″.

Elevator Wrap

Creative Display’s elevator wraps present a unique and impactful meduim in which to showcase your brand to thousands of patients, visitors, guests and staff at the site. Locations have been strategically selected to deliver maximum visibility and impact for advertise.

Snap Frame

CDT’s snap frames are deployed in busy high traffic areas located throughout the site. Snap frames are equipped with plastic covers and locks to keep the posters protected from contaminants, theft and vandalism. Sizes range between 17” X 23” to 24” X 36”.


CDT’s digital wayfinding and directory solutions are an excellent way to showcase your brand. These directories are frequently used by patients and visitors to navigate the site which allows for excellent exposure for your advertising campaign.

Parking Boom-Arm

CDT’s boom-arm advertising is a patented out-of-home medium. Client’s advertising campaigns are printed on vinyl sleeves and installed on parking gate arms at participating sites. This medium puts your brand message directly in a viewer’s line of sight for up to 15 seconds delivering a powerful and unavoidable impression.

Wraps/ Clings/ Banners/ Decals

Large format advertising is strategically placed in main arteries of busy public spaces with high visibility. This medium catches people’s attention as they navigate throughout a site. These bold advertising products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are sure to be impactful.