Great creative is the key component of any successful Out-Of-Home advertising campaign. Simplicity in design will always make for a better Out-Of-Home visual experience.

Working directly with our identity and branding team, CDT’s clients and partners are ensured that their vision/concepts tell their story, are creative and are always a compelling visual experience.

CDT’s in-house creative department is comprised of highly skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds including visual, graphic, web, multimedia, interactive and illustrative design.

Design Guidelines for Out-Of-Home Creative:

Always focus in on one key message or idea. Keep your copy short and to the point, fewer words are more impactful with the goal being viewer comprehension and retention. More is not better.

Font size and style is important to consider when designing creative for a specific medium. Always consider your audience. The viewing distance and the amount of time an individual is exposed to the creative are critical elements to Out-Of-Home advertising. Consider a combination of bold colours and/or high contrast elements to help highlight critical information in the creative.

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