Become a Host Site

photo31-300x225Once installed CDT’s solution can be used to educate, inform, entertain and help people navigate and stay connected at a particular site or location. 

Premiere site partners receive these cutting edge communication solutions at little to no charge for CDT’s right to sell advertising and sponsorship opportunities to local, regional or national advertising clients.  Site partners also enjoy taking part in CDT’s revenue sharing program unmatched in the industry. Hospitals across Ontario have received over $2 million in additional revenue from this program. Proceeds all going to support the great work hospitals do everyday. Locations could include hospitals, sports and recreational facilities, entertainment venues, transportation hubs, universities and colleges, and other high traffic areas where large groups of people spend significant time.

If you are interested in introducing new communications solutions and/or generating revenue for your site(s) one of CDT’s site specialists are able to quickly assess and recommend which products and models best suit your needs.    

Contact us today to find out more about becoming a site partner. 

Partner Benefits include:

• Revenue generation
• Broadcast of emergency alerts
• Patient/visitor entertainment
• Delivery of important, timely announcements
• Promotion of community outreach and partner programs
• Fundraising and Foundation messages
• Recruitment and volunteer services
• Patient, visitor and staff safety information
• Integration and deployment of the latest cutting edge technologies