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Work with one of our dedicated identity and branding specialists to determine the correct media mix that is right for you and your budget.

2. Design

Work with CDT’s in house creative team to design your visually compelling creative.

3. Results

Watch your campaign come to life be it locally or province wide and enjoy the impact it has for you and your brand.

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What do our clients say?

Under Pressure Inc. Hyperbaric Treatment Centre

“Under Pressure has been advertising with Creative Display in the GTA hospitals since June 2015. We feel that this is an excellent way to reach our target audience and have been happy with the results. I would definitely recommend Creative Display to any business looking to promote themselves locally.”

Lesley Rogers RRT, B.A. Kin.
Clinic & Operations Manager

Bravo Fine Lingerie

“We have been using the digital advertising screens at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie and have seen some good response already. We find working with Creative Display to be a good experience. They are responsive, professional, look after our needs and provide great creative support. The advertising medium is new for us and we are very happy we have come on board with the team at Creative Display. We would recommend them to others who want to brand their businesses.”

Doris & Joan, Bravo Fine Lingerie

Kingston Injury Management Centre

“Kingston Injury Management Centre has been using a hand sanitizer poster for the past 6 months at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre (Hotel Dieu Hospital), and we are completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are very creative and the graphics designs are well laid out. We also use the slots provided for pamphlets and they have been very on top of making sure there is always a take-away available. I’m happy to recommend the services of Creative Display Technologies.”

Michael W. Ranger, BScPT, BSc(Bio)
Director, Registered Physiotherapist

St. Louis Bar & Grill

“We are extremely happy with the results that have come from our digital advertising at the hospital. Both hospital visitors and staff have come in as a result of our advertising.”

Tom Della-Terra; General Manager at St. Catharines Location

Woods Park Care Centre

“We have found the CDT digital network at The Royal Victoria Hospital to be an effective way to create awareness for our Senior Retirement facility and services. We have many positive comments from visitors at RVH related to the network and our ad displayed.”

Cathy Cotton, Woods Park Care Centre

St. Lawrence College

“Creative Displays offers high-quality digital sign advertising along high-traffic corridors with excellent customer service and attention to detail. They are an integral part of our annual advertising campaign.”

Heather Gregg

Hotel Dieu Hospital Kingston

“Just in case I haven’t express this to you yet, Creative Display is a fantastic partner. Your whole team is incredible and you’re all such a pleasure to work with!”

Elizabeth Bardon

Ellis hearing

“I get so many positive comments on the current ad…it really catches people’s attention.”

Katherine Rui H.I.S

Oueensway Carleton Hospital

“It is a win win for all: the advertisers, your organization and your clients.”

Judy Brown, Queensway Carleton Hospital

Retire- At- Home

“Retire- At- Home has recently added the digital ad screens at the Hospitals in the Ottawa area to our other ad media. We have had feedback and see a lift in contacts incoming inquiries and people reaching out. We feel Creative Display Is responsive professional and has done some great creative work for us. I would recommend this form of advertising and Creative Display to other companies as a significant part of their advertising mix. ”

Jonathan Martin Vice President, Franchise Development

Pizza Depot

“We have enjoyed partnering with Creative Display and taking advantage of this unique advertising medium. Our current mix of digital ads, posters and boom-arms has proven highly effective for our business across Ontario. We recently had them do a digital ad campaign offering a 50% discount to support our frontline Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the response was simply overwhelming. These ads really do work!”