Digital Indoor

CDT’s Indoor Digital Signage Advertising Network is comprised of various displays ranging in size from 32” to 80” and are located in large public venues across Ontario. Locations have been strategically selected based on traffic numbers, traffic patterns and dwell times to ensure maximum exposure and viewer engagement. Site partners, advertisers and end-users have the unique ability to reach their targeted audience in a personal and engaging way unlike any other communication medium. Content, display orientation and configurations are customized to a site’s unique environment to deliver entertainment, advertising, news, wayfinding, site specific information and even menu items. CDT’s advertising network locations include Hospitals, airports, railways, large entertainment venues, sports complexes and actively used city facilities.

Digital Outdoor

CDT’s Outdoor Digital Signage Adverting Network utilizes numerous outdoor digital technologies from 42” outdoor LED displays to visually stunning 10’ X 20’ LED digital billboards. Locations have been strategically selected to deliver maximum visibility and impact for advertisers. Prerequisites for sites include verifiable high pedestrian and vehicular traffic counts with maximum dwell times to deliver powerful and memorable impressions.

Traditional Billboard

CDT’s billboards have been strategically placed in locations that deliver maximum visibility and impact for advertisers. Prerequisites for sites include verifiable high pedestrian and vehicular traffic counts with maximum dwell times to deliver a powerful and memorable impression. Installations include single and double face screens ranging in size between 6’ X 12’ to 10’ X 20’.

Hand Sanitizer Station

Stations are strategically placed in high traffic locations for maximize exposure and use by staff and visitors. Locations include main entrances, emergency areas, cafeterias and waiting rooms. Site partners benefit from the implementation of these stations in terms of increased noticeability, compliance for proper hand washing as well as revenue generation from the sale of advertising on integrated posters on each station. Posters measure 22” X 28” and are printed on a durable vinyl that allows for regular cleaning with commercial cleaners and disinfectants.

Snap Frame

CDT’s quick clip snap frames can be deployed in several different ways including wall mount, floor stand, outdoor rated or even set top holders. CDT’s snap frame solutions are popular because of the relatively low cost of implementation as well as the convenience of sign maintenance and change-outs. The snap frames can include flexible plastic protective covers and locks to keep the posters protected from contaminants, theft and vandalism. Sizes range between 17” X 23” to 24” X 36”.


People today are becoming more accustomed to mobile engagement through the use of apps, touch screen solutions and other assistive devices. More and more individuals are embracing these technologies to help simplify their lives and this is especially true when it comes to navigating unfamiliar environments. Visitors want to figure out where they are and where they need go in the shortest amount of time. CDT qualifying Premiere Partner Sites benefit from the integration of CDT’s wayfinding solutions as an effective way to help people find their way through complex environments by displaying their location as a glowing blue dot on a map, and leading them on a direct path to their destination. Combined with Wi-Fi and beacon technologies not only can we guide someone through a complex environment we can also deliver powerful, contextually relevant partner and advertiser messaging directly to individuals. Delivery of content can even be customized through proximity-based push notifications based on a visitor’s real-time location. Network analytics help our partner and CDT improve the quality of the site experience, gain insight about traffic patterns, dwell times and repeat visitor frequency as well as the ability to gain powerful demographic information via an opt-in process. For advertisers CDT has provided the platform to truly showcase and build your brand in a personal, targeted and interactive way. No other platform can deliver a more powerful and ongoing brand connection.

Boom Arm Advertising

CDT’s Boom Arm Advertising is a patented out-of-home medium that places our clients advertising on vinyl sleeves covering parking gate arms at Hospitals and Medical Centers. CDT’s Boom Arm Advertising places your brand message directly in a viewer’s line of sight for up to 15 seconds delivering a powerful and unavoidable impression. Additionally, every vehicle interaction is recorded which guarantees some of the most accurate impression and impact data in the outdoor industry.


This form of large format advertising is strategically placed in main arteries of busy public spaces with high visibility to catch people’s attention as they navigate through either indoor or outdoor spaces. These bold advertising products are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and are sure deliver high impact brand recognition for your advertising campaign. Solutions include window clings (direct application to unused window space), column wraps (digitally printed on vinyl material that can be temporarily adhered to columns), banners (digitally printed on vinyl material that can be suspended or attached to a wall surface with in a specific location), decals (digitally printed on a durable adhesive vinyl material that can be custom cut to any shape and size and adhered to a surface)